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Creative Words was created by the minds and hearts of people who share a common passion.

Founder of Creative Words, incurable optimist and restless dreamer, leader of the best team ever.




Italian born with a British soul, she accepts every challenge and is a self-confessed control freak. Music enthusiast, she loves travelling, food, and everything that is colourful.

Experienced accountant, part-time mom, and curious cook. She loves reading fantasy books, laughing, and being surrounded by happy, smiling people.

Caffeine addict. Extremely sarcastic, she never takes herself too seriously. Loves food, hates cooking. In Spain, she found her second home.

Former translator; lover of dogs, books, and travelling. Inquiring, ironic, meticulous, and enthusiastic, she can’t live without chocolate and coffee.

Born Milanese, but always on the move: two years in the same spot are already too many. She loves Harry Potter, singing, and obviously TV shows.

Booklover, travel enthusiast, friend to all animals. She can’t wait for summer to get here but has a weakness for hot chocolate.

Netflix addict and late-night car singing enthusiast. Loves quoting books and movies randomly. Hits the snooze button 50 times in a row.

Unstoppable reader and videogame lover, he loves peaceful hikes in the mountains as well as relaxing and swimming in the sea.

A reckless optimist, she sees opportunities rather than pitfalls in every situation. She likes meeting people, caring for the environment, and learning new stuff.

Clean freak, loves travel, cats and the mountains. Enthusiastic and ready to take on any challenge.

Concertgoer and professional coffee drinker. Extremely curious, her main passion is exploring, be it new music genres, bookshop shelves, or remote mountain paths.

Passionate about languages, vintage, and design, she likes to spend her Sundays walking in nature and in small unknown villages, where she “tries” to capture some shots.

He has always been a computer science enthusiast and now mainly translates and reviews IT texts.


Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova