Giada Gerotto

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Giada Gerotto

Customer Excellence Champion

A reckless optimist, she sees opportunities rather than pitfalls in every situation. She likes meeting people, caring for the environment, and learning new stuff.


Giada was born and grew up in Naples and pursued her passion for languages around Italy and Europe, with Pescara, Venice and Prague the successive stops on an unstoppable journey towards a degree in translation and interpreting, while keeping her wardrobe tidy and stocking her fridge with an eye on her waistline (taste an Abruzzo-style lamb skewer and you’ll understand what an arduous task that is).

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Her labours begin to bear fruit immediately after graduation. Self-aware and curious about everything, she never says “yes” unless she’s confident about the plans and the people involved. She teaches English, translates, revises, often from home but also co-working for a while to enrich her life with the experiences of others. She spends 6 years working for a foreign company, a big player in the localisation world, throwing herself into the world of Vendor Management. She listens, makes suggestions, does things, sees people. In short, she does what comes natural to her. In the meantime, she gets married, because nobody’s perfect, and also becomes a mother.

She falls in love with Creative Words at first sight, having desired, chased, expected, and grasped the opportunity, working from home with two cats on her keyvfgjdg… sorry, keyboard.

Easily carried away, over the past year she has taken up yoga, vegetarian recipes and fighting plastic.


Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova