Silvia Repetto

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Silvia Repetto

People Manager

With a passion for yoga and travel, routine just doesn’t cut it for her – she craves fresh experiences and knowledge. Although she may not be a morning person, she’s always up for an adventure.

During her time studying Law at the University of Genoa, she had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus programme and spent six months in Estonia – an experience she fell in love with. Coming back to reality was a challenge, but she found solace in visiting friends scattered throughout the country and taking impromptu trips whenever possible.

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After graduating, she began her career as a lawyer dealing with labour law and even passed the bar exam. However, her passion for people soon led her to the field of Human Resources. In 2016, she attended a specialisation course in ‘Expert in Human Resources Management’ and officially entered the industry.

With a wealth of experience within HR departments and as an external consultant, she joined our team at Creative Words as a People Manager. Her main focus is to ensure the well-being, growth, and development of all our team members. But her real goal? Convincing her colleagues to play beach volleyball with her – despite her less than stellar skills, she always has a blast!

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