In today’s digital marketplace, video is king. Multimedia content generates better brand visibility and higher audience engagement.


Subtitling services ensure that your global visual content is within reach of your global audience.

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Subtitling translation is unlike other types of translation. Not only must the translation be accurate, but often times slight adaptations need to be made to the text for synchronisation with the audio and to fit the screen for user-friendly readability.


While many clients might think they can use machine translation for the subtitling step or use dubbing alone, subtitles add value to your content and help you reach a wider multilingual audience. For example, many customers might be fluent in a foreign language, but they could miss some words or phrases because of the speaker’s speed, accent or more complex terminology. Moreover, when headphones are out of reach, we all often rely on watching videos with closed captioning or subtitles in order not to disturb those around us at the office or during our commute.


Creative Words offers a full range of personalised language products for your multimedia and subtitling services. Our subtitling services include transcription, translation and synchronisation, which can be combined with our video subtitling services and audio-visual packages, such as dubbing, voiceover and content localisation. Our rigorous quality assurance method ensures that your subtitles are perfectly synched for a seamless video experience.


From marketing campaigns, to webinars to corporate videos, we work with a broad spectrum of media and file types to create integrated videos. We also provide you with numerous customisable options, such as choosing to have videos produced with and without imprinted subtitles.


If you are looking for a more affordable way to begin expanding the reach of your multimedia content, subtitling is the perfect springboard for your brand to reach new heights. Let Creative Words design solutions for your audio-visual needs and help you better promote your company in more than 150 languages.

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