Information Technology


Information technology is constantly changing and innovating, meaning you need a translation provider that can keep up with the latest innovations, while offering personalised solutions to transcend national borders and rapidly adapt your materials for global distribution.


At Creative Words, we understand the importance of quality and time-to-market, ensuring seamless, cost-effective product roll-outs for every version and every update, every time.

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Launching your latest IT products globally can be a make-or-break proposition for your company. When companies fail to provide accurate and meaningful local-language content, they risk diminishing their global content value chain and ostracising potential consumers.


IT translation services can no longer be an afterthought, but should be considered a core component when delivering an IT product or service to market. At Creative Words, our IT translation services, localisation, transcreation and audio-visual services not only address the challenges of providing high-quality global content, but we also work with our clients to create comprehensive solutions and workflows to protect brand quality and consistency in every market.


We work with our IT clients to build a clear roadmap for their globalisation strategies to successfully integrate and align globalisation-friendly operations to ensure greater precision and aligned launches across the global. By collaborating with our clients to create term bases and leverage computerised translation technologies, we can help you build a value chain that is interoperable with other technologies and scalable enough to accommodate growth, meaning a greater return on investment.


At Creative Words, we combine expertise, automation and support to help adapt the most cost-effective translation solutions to even the most complex localisation processes. We offer personalised workflows for SaaS, information systems, developing APIs or CRMs, SEO and software engineering. Furthermore, we are also ready to work with you to prepare a global marketing brief and campaign, offering 360º solutions for your company.


We have a custom solution for all of your multilingual projects:

  • Any file format (XML, PHP, WML, LaTeX, HTM, HTML, properties, .p, etc.)
  • Back office and special content
  • Instructions for use and technical documents
  • Payment software
  • Product descriptions
  • Testing
  • Videos and e-learning modules
  • Websites, e-commerce, intra/extranet, applications


Have a project in mind? Let Creative Words build your IT blueprint to help you capture new markets, while meeting the strictest local requirements and quality standards.


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