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Beyond translation, you also need to consider the formatting of your translated and multilingual content—especially for regulated industries. Here’s why we offer multilingual Desktop Publishing translation services.


Our streamlined multilingual DTP translation and layout process ensures that your documents are professionally formatted and reviewed in the target language.

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When expanding your business globally, it is essential that you produce clear and compliant documents that are user-friendly with fonts and embedded graphics that are ready for print and electronic distribution. Linguistic and DTP experts ensure that the proper text styles and fonts, leading and kerning, tracking and paragraph indentations are used.

When it comes to graphics, object, charts and tables, Creative Words verifies that these are formatted and localised for the target market. Whether you are working with multilingual text-centric documents or visually compelling marketing materials, we can integrate our translation workflows for direct export to produce a clear layout that fits even the most creative design briefs.


Publishing print or online materials can be more complex than just a click of the mouse. Many DTP translation files require processing high-resolution images or complex graphics that integrate foreign text, which is even more challenging with Asian or right-to-left languages. Our team is specialised in various layout treatments and the complexities of page bleeds in foreign languages.


Working with multimedia content? Creative Words will ensure that all on-screen text elements and graphics are formatted properly… in over 100 languages. We make sure that foreign-text animations and interactive components look professional and use international typographical conventions and graphic design best practices.


Our linguistic and design QA processes provide a final sign-off to make sure that even the tiniest layout or formatting issues do not interfere with how a user perceives or reads your documentation. From high-profile materials to regulatory inserts, don’t make the mistake of underestimating the value a multilingual DTP translation specialist adds to all of your print or digital publishing requirements.


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