Communicating globally in today’s world means taking your multimedia content online. We offer you voice over services to help you business.


Whether your company is launching an e-learning portal, releasing marketing videos or engaging with customers on social media, quality audio content, voice over services and audio translation are key to capture and hold your audience’s attention.

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In order to connect on a deeper level with customers, companies must employ audio in the target audience’s native language, in order to broaden the company’s online presence and engage the local community around its brand. Professional voice talent and effective translation and localisation are the starting point for all of Creative Word’s custom multimedia products.


Our extensive experience in multilingual localisation services for audio-visual products ensures the highest quality, thanks to our specialised tools and quality assurance methods, which are in step with the latest technological developments in the industry.


Our audio translation services on offer include:

  • Audio post-production and mastering: processes to optimise and harmonise an audio track that is complex or composed of different segments.
  • Audio (and video) localisation of e-learning resources: e-learning and its platforms are in the midst of a profound evolution. We provide audio translation services and localisation services for e-learning resources to make training courses accessible in different contexts and countries.
  • Dubbing: when a foreign audio track replaces the original so it is encoded to start and end within the same time intervals, but lip movements will not be synchronised.
  • Professional audio recording: 360-degree voice recording services in a range of target languages for all types of media.
  • Voice over Services: an audio track recorded independently of the video that is used to support the original track. The volume of the first will be louder in volume than the second, which will not be removed (as in dubbing). Voice over services are often used in documentaries, video games, tutorials and training courses.


We handle an extensive range of audio and video formats and are skilled at managing even the most complex multimedia project life cycles. At Creative Words, we build projects around your specifications, delivering turnkey multimedia content that showcases your brand.

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