Creative Words provides multimedia translation and localisation in over 100 languages.


Thanks to industry-leading technology, we help our clients reach a global audience with end-to-end video translation services that cover translation, multi-lingual Voice Over services, subtitling, transcription and multimedia translation, editing and production.

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Our video translation process ensures linguistic accuracy, as well as cultural adaptation. Whether you’re looking to translate and publish multi-lingual content on YouTube, release social media videos in the language of your target market or add voiceover or subtitles to your video content, our language and production experts will guide you through a custom process for release on multiple channels.


Creative Words handles technical content, as well as the most creative consumer-facing products. With around 100 million people watching videos online every day, and over 50% of companies rating video content as the best ROI, you can’t afford not to connect with your local audience in the local language.


In order to broaden your exposure to the widest possible market share across the globe, our highly specialised team provides the latest video translation and localisation technologies, including:

  • Audio and video localisation
  • Multi-lingual voice over services
  • Subtitling
  • In-country post-production review and editing


Not only do we provide technical solutions for your multimedia translation and audiovisual content, but at Creative Words we are equipped with a creative team that is laser focused on achieving results in a crowded digital market.


Far from letting your content fall flat, at Creative Words we brainstorm the best ways to build an immersive experience for your international audience that transcends surface translation to deliver the best customer engagement and results. With our client-specific services and solutions, you never have to worry about being out of synch with the market.


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