We transform your audio and video recordings into written text, as part of a multi-step translation and localisation workflow or as a standalone product.


Whether you are working with analogue or digital input, our specialist native linguists are experts at handling specific accents, dialects, speech patterns or domain-specific vocabulary in video transcription.

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At Creative Words, quality is never an accident. We are committed to intelligent and skilful execution when it comes to our custom solutions that are moulded to our clients’ needs and stringent quality requirements. Not only do we offer transcription services, but we also provide verbatim, semi-verbatim or summary transcripts, based on end-use.


We use only the most qualified transcriptionists, who are both native linguists and specialist in your service domain. A multi-level quality review process ensures that transcriptions and translations are accurate, but we also work with you to create output formats that fit your requirements. Whether you need time codes or integrated subtitling or voiceover, we offer a variety of solutions to meet your deadlines and your budget.


You may be looking to transcribe your podcast or other multimedia content to boost your SEO or open the door to countless opportunities by creating visibility for your audio-visual content. For example, you might not have the budget to translate your content, but by transcribing it, you can reach millions of people across the globe who don’t understand English at standard speaking pace. Transcription and video transcription (which can also be combined with our direct translation or subtitling services) are perfect for bringing keywords to life or creating extra backlinks to the original content.


On the other hand, you might have extremely confidential medical or legal files that require transcription and require a trustworthy and secure partner. We work with our transcriptionists to protect the most sensitive patient and client data and we are in compliance with the most stringent national guidelines on measures to safeguard privacy.


Let us work with you to come up with a custom solution for your transcription needs—whether you prefer an automated, semi-automated or 100% human workflow. We guarantee that we can meet your expectations on quality, security, speed and cost.


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