Dubbing is the perfect solution for the high-quality, seamless and synched translation of the dialogue and background sound of your multimedia content.

With subtitles, sometimes you’re just too tired to read the small print, or maybe you don’t have your glasses handy.

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Dubbing is when you replace the original audio track of a video with its translation into the target language. The audio is not only translated, but carefully adapted and synched to the lip movements and timing of the video. When done correctly, the content will feel natural and be true to the original, while capturing the cultural nuances, regionalisms and accent of your target audience.


At Creative Words, we have access to a vast network of professional voiceover artists from around the world in more than 40 languages. We rigorously screen our actors to ensure that they recreate the natural dialogues in your target language(s) to deliver a product that matches the ‘feel’ and tone of your content.


We offer a variety of dubbing options for broad communication needs, including corporate videos, advertising campaigns, video interviews, tutorials, training, animations and much more. Of course, we are also ready to design custom workflows to combine dubbing with other services, such as subtitling, localisation and transcreation.


Creative Words understands the complexities of the dubbing process—from translating the script, to adapting it for time synchronisation and hiring talent—including post-production and track layering. Finally, our quality assurance process tests your product with in-country linguists and we can even provide feedback on speaking cadence and market suitability.


Don’t let your audio be an afterthought of your investment in new markets, let Creative Words help you make the best impression from the start.


Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova