There is an increased need for language and localisation services that make content accessible and understandable across the globe for diverse learners.


Considering the explosion in the number of companies, educational institutes and organisations making the shift from classroom learning to e-learning environments, we can offer you e-learning translation services.

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Properly translating and localising content, as well as creating and adapting contextually relevant learning materials is essential for successful learning. Whether your focus is on education or training a global workforce, Creative Words is ready to help you develop and localise custom learning and training programmes.


There is no substitute for experience and the team at Creative Words is ready to take on even the most complex projects integrating multimedia across multiple platforms. We specialise in XML-based training, e-learning websites, classroom-based instructional materials, remote multimedia presentations and new employee orientation and certification.


Your company may be looking to translate and localise a highly specialised technical course, train global customer support personnel or provide access to soft-skill courses. Regardless of the area of specialisation or platform, we develop and seamlessly integrate a user-friendly and fully localised e-learning environment. Our workflows include a combination of translation, localisation, multimedia production, e-learning translation, integration and marketing workflows to deliver turnkey solutions and content.


Choosing the right language service provider is vital to launching your e-learning content. Collaborating with an LSP early on in the content development process will save you time and money as your company localises content and user experience elements early on in the project.


Whether your company is an industry veteran or just dipping its toe into virtual training platforms, Creative Words will guide you through the complex development and integration process to achieve increased retention and a more engaging and agile environment for users with a range of technical know-how.


At Creative Words, we believe that e-learning should not be a chore. Our goal is to ensure that you improve performance and see results, while challenging learners with relevant, engaging and valuable content, thanks to dynamic multimedia content solutions and e-learning translation.


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