Life Science


At Creative Words, we provide certified medical translation solutions for the life sciences industry.


Our global team of linguists are certified and highly trained linguists who possess the know-how and subject-matter expertise to deliver complex medical translation services that meet in-country regulatory requirements.

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We are ready to help you with the full gamut of your clinical trial documentation, drug and labelling filings and medical device translations. We understand the importance of translations that are accurate and compliant—from SPCs, to labels, to inserts, we validate your content to ensure that it is accurate, complete and compliant in every language and every market. For medical devices, we have a skilled team of linguists and QA specialists ready to translate and adapt even the most complex technical manuals and user guides, so your market launch goes as smoothly as possible.


Beyond your life sciences technical translation needs, we also provide a range of multilingual marketing products, such as multilingual digital campaigns, desktop publishing, in-country medical device and software UI testing and website SEO. We understand that the life sciences market must consider a broad audience that includes physicians, patients and even young medical device users. This is why we insist on planning ahead for better, scalable and more cost-effective outcomes.


The last thing you want is for regulatory hold-ups with your multilingual documentation to delay your time-to-market. Postponements or launches that do not go above and beyond quality expectations risk eroding your target market. At Creative Words, we believe a strong launch is critical in the medical and life sciences sectors. Our flawless and regulatory-compliant translations will help you deliver vital medicinal products to the people who need them most around the world.


Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova