Machine Translation Post-Editing


As the name suggests, machine translation post-editing is a hybrid of machine translation and human translation.


In fact an initial translation is carried out using software, which is followed by a review by human translators to edit the text for accuracy, style and consistency. The best of both worlds!

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While human translation remains the best and most reliable option for most content, neural machine translation post-editing (MTPE) is a valid option for faster time-to-market and reliable quality at a more affordable price point. Neural machine translation has come a long way over the past decade with custom neural machine translation engines built and trained specifically for clients. This has drastically improved the output of machine translation and has facilitated the translation of large volumes that would have been cost-prohibitive in the past.


In a global marketplace, many companies are faced with a conundrum: multilingual content is growing at an exponential rate and companies just don’t have the budget to translate it all. Or, maybe you need to bring a product to market in the shortest time possible, but you haven’t figured out how to translate all of the documentation your client needs. And, a final scenario: you receive support requests from around the world, in different languages, and need to respond quickly.


For many clients, MTPE is the perfect solution, since it is faster and more cost-effective, while still retaining the human touch of a final editor. The combined post-editing machine translation workflow uses a human post-editing environment to catch any errors in the machine translation and improve style and flow. Furthermore, the human output is used to re-train the machine translation, meaning that the machine translation will improve over time.


However, not all content is suitable for this product. Client-facing materials and advertisements do better with one of our translation, localisation and/or copywriting workflows. All the same, post-editing machine translation works well for internal documentation, customer surveys or large, non-technical documents. In fact post-editing machine translation has helped affordably translate thousands of documents that otherwise may have never seen the light of day.


Creative Words is ready to guide you through your options to build projects that meet your budget and quality expectations.

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