The travel and tourism translation sector is more crowded than ever, with an ever-expanding array of tourist destinations and new tourist demographics from around the world. 


Connecting with your target audience requires a 360-degree campaign that ensures that you get the right content in front of the right eyes. Communicating with such a diverse pool may seem overwhelming. But at Creative Words we offer travel and hospitality translation services and will guide you in the right direction as you expand your market reach.

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Connecting with tourists in your home market can be challenging. There are adventure-seekers, budget travellers, business travellers and families on the go. Additionally, wanderlust drives some travellers to seek destinations far from crowds and off-the-beaten path, while others would prefer to tick the world’s top destinations off of their bucket lists.


While many companies in the travel and hospitality industry focus their resources on reaching an English-speaking market, most customers would prefer to have more detailed information in their own tongue, even if they conduct preliminary searches in English.


This means that companies need to have targeted search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies that include localised content. If a company launches a promotional campaign on a wellness retreat in Costa Rica in English that is highly ranked on Google, it will yield zero results if a French-speaking customer conducts a search in French.


Hospitality and travel operators also often make the mistake of cutting corners when it comes to translation. They frequently assume that they can accept cheap translations. Since tourism translation should be easy because there are not a lot of technical or complicated texts. This approach tends to backfire. In-depth local knowledge is essential to not only reach the target audience, but also portray the highlights of the destination with creativity and care, converting clients browsing for getaways at their desks to customers booking their next holiday.


Let Creative Words collaborate with you to build scalable solutions and develop tourism translation projects as you expand your reach and build buzz and creative collateral for your brand and audience of globe-trotters.


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