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Translation and Localisation

Localisation lets you take your brand global while engaging with your market’s local community. When localising content, we don’t just translate words, but adapt content for the local culture and language. Our in-country experts ensure that your messaging strikes the right tone to build a deeper connection with your audience.

Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova


Transcreation brings your ideas to life by combining the ‘translation’ of your content with the creation of new copy to ensure nuanced and meaningful messaging for markets around the globe. Cultural insight and carefully drafted content can take your brand to the next level, creating strong resonance on the ground.

Machine Translation e Post-Editing, Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova

Machine Translation Post-Editing

As the name suggests, machine translation post-editing is a hybrid of machine translation and human translation. An initial translation is carried out using software, which is followed by a review by human translators to edit the text for accuracy, style and consistency. The best of both worlds!

Translation Revision, Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova

Third-Party Review

We provide third-party reviews and revision of texts translated by other suppliers and service providers. If you are concerned about the quality of a project or provider or if you want a full review of your terminology database or translation memories (TMs), we provide an in-depth assessment of accuracy and consistency.

Proofreading services | Correzioni di bozze, Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova


Having a third party fine tune copy or translation ensures that all text is scrubbed to be publication-ready. An extra set of eyes can catch mistakes that could be overlooked by a scientific or technical expert who might be writing in a second language.

Testing, Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova


Linguistic testing is sometimes overlooked by clients who do not understand the full benefits of this essential service. Our testing engineers work closely with linguists to validate the functionality and usability of content for specific markets. This final step ensures that all text, visuals and interactive elements are user-friendly and bug-free.

Traduzioni certificate/Certified Translation Services - Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova

Certified Translations

Creative Words provides accredited, certified, notarised and sworn translations with the most rigours quality controls to help our clients meet national and international certification requirements. Our certified translators and subject-area experts use line-by-line and side-by-side reviews to ensure your documents meet the highest standards.


Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova