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With the explosion in the number of companies, educational institutes and organisations making the shift from classroom learning to e-learning environments, there is an increased need for language and localisation services that make content accessible and understandable across the globe for diverse learners.

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Communicating globally in today’s world means taking your multimedia content online. Whether your company is launching an e-learning portal, releasing marketing videos or engaging with customers on social media, quality audio content is key to capture and hold your audience’s attention.

Video/Multimedia Translation/Voice over services, Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova


Creative Words provides premier video translation and localisation in over 100 languages. Thanks to industry-leading technology, we help our clients reach a global audience with end-to-end video translation services that cover translation, multi-lingual voiceover, subtitling, transcription and multimedia editing and production.

Trascrizioni/Transcription services, Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova


We transform your audio and video recordings into written text, as part of a multi-step translation and localisation workflow or as a standalone product. Whether you are working with analogue or digital input, our specialist native linguists are experts at handling specific accents, dialects, speech patterns or domain-specific vocabulary.

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In today’s digital marketplace, video is king. Multimedia content generates better brand visibility and higher audience engagement. Subtitling is one way to ensure that your global visual content is within reach of your global audience.

Dubbing Translation | Doppiaggio, Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova


With subtitles, sometimes you’re just too tired to read the small print, or maybe you don’t have your glasses handy. Dubbing is the perfect solution for the high-quality, seamless and synched translation of the dialogue and background sound of your multimedia content.

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The video game industry is constantly expanding and, while many games are available in English, there is a vast international audience that has still not been fully tapped. Creative Words has some of the best linguistic resources in the industry and our localisation technologies support multiple platforms and devices.


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