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Talent gap in our industry is a reality.
Since day 1, Creative Words has created a solid internship program to help young talents access the language industry. We also take part in many academic initiatives, and provide talks in different institutions worldwide

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Our internship programme


We welcome students from all over Europe both for short-term internships (<200 hours) as part of their university degree programme and longer internship periods (post-graduation).


Creative Words has ongoing relationships and agreements with different universities in Italy and across Europe. Moreover, we organise paid internships that are not part of our agreement with universities but are in line with Italian regulations.

Our internships cover various roles, including those in translation, project management and marketing, and are aimed at bridging the gap between academia and the language industry by immerging the student in a real work scenario and providing guidance, mentorship and support during the whole period.


How we do it

Before starting their internship, each student is tested (based on the desired role) and interviewed.

Students selected for short internships get hands-on experience from day one through ad hoc practice where one of our in-house team members will buddy up with them to provide ongoing support and feedback.

Students selected for longer internships usually complete a two-week induction programme with a focus on technology and communication.

Depending on the role, they will learn more about budgeting and communication to become great project managers or practise on a variety of CAT tools and texts to master the translator’s profession.

Both during and after the induction period, the whole team offers support while a dedicated tutor investigates any doubts or questions and gives feedback in day-to-day communication and regular one-to-one meetings.

We are proud our internships have mostly led to either a long-term role at Creative Words or a stable freelance cooperation, based on the career path chosen by our students.


If you are a student and are interested in doing an internship with us visit our careers portal!

Speaking at universities


Creative Words works closely with various universities and private institutions in Italy and Europe, providing talks, webinars and classes to students in different translation and language courses. These include generic talks on the language industry, as well as more specialised classes on topics such as machine translation post-editing, quality assurance and Natural Language Processing.

We pride ourselves on being part of the steering committee of the Orientation Committee in the University of Genoa and the University of Naples (Faculty of Languages).


Do you represent a university and want to get in touch?


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