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Here at Creative Words, technology is an essential component of our everyday activity and being fully aware of how we make use of it helps us fulfil the specific needs of each and every client.

Creative Words Technology

Machine Translation


Since the start, we have adopted automated translation to deliver efficient, scalable and fast service.

We make use of the best-in-class neural translation solutions, paired with “expert-in-the-loop” processes to guarantee optimal results before, during and after automated translation.

Our experts take care of selecting, training and monitoring the quality of our translation engines on an ongoing basis.

After automated translation is performed, all projects go through a revision step carried out by our post-editors, who will add the finishing touches to the translated files, thus providing the best quality of our deliverables.


Connectors and APIs


We make use of off-the-shelf connectors as well as independently developed solutions to connect our internal business and translation management systems with our customers’ portals and CMSs. In this way, we can decrease time spent on project administration, providing cost-efficient service even in ongoing localisation scenarios, where small and frequent tasks have become the norm. Our project managers can thus focus on more important activities, such as understanding the client’s needs and managing communication with all project stakeholders. At the same time, our customers can avoid spending endless hours on feeding translated text into their systems, freeing up their time for more strategic activities.


Check out our paper on the use of connectors for localising multilingual websites.


Process automation


Together with our partner Creative AI, we have worked on re-engineering all of our business processes to increase efficiency, eliminate human error and guarantee scalability. Process automation is applied at all levels in the company, from accounting to marketing, from project management to quality assurance, for the benefit of our clients, vendors and employees alike.

Automation of most recurring tasks guarantees improved efficiency and productivity, visibility and transparency, standardisation and compliance, while reducing times and costs for all assignments.


Want to know more about our process automation solutions? Drop us a line.


Translation Technology


Computer-assisted  translation tools – not to be confused with machine translation tools – do improve our work in many ways. They optimise the whole translation process by facilitating the reuse of existing translations, as well as granting linguistic and lexical uniformity.

As a consequence, translations achieve a higher quality in a shorter time and with reduced costs.

We manage 90% of our work with CAT tools, which we select on a project basis depending on our client’s requirements or by choosing the one that, in our opinion, best fits a specific project.

When they’re available, we can work seamlessly in our customers’ proprietary translation environments as well.


Get in touch if you want to know more about the CAT tools we use.



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