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Creative Words – Your Italian Translation Partner – is a localization and content management company with its headquarters in Genoa, Italy. 

We offer translation and localization, transcreation, machine translation and post-editing, third-party review as well as multimedia services.

chi siamo creative words servizi di traduzione genova

Our customers include Italian companies aiming at building their presence abroad as well as international companies looking to establishing or strengthening their brand in Italy. We have an in-house linguistic team and a network of trusted partners, a solid, ISO-certified quality assurance framework and a strong project and vendor management team.

Our knowledge of the Italian market and culture, paired with a strong focus on technology and innovation, allows us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations providing culturally-relevant, all-round linguistic services.

From translating technical manuals to localizing marketing campaigns, from creating web content to providing voiceover services for e-learning courses, we can offer a dedicated team to support our customers in every step of the project.

chi siamo creative words servizi di traduzione genova

Service Quality: ISO Certifications


ISO quality creative wordsISO Certifications attest to the quality of services offered by companies based on specific standards. Creative Words has successfully met the ISO requirements for three certifications: Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2008), Translation Services (ISO 17100:2017), and Machine Translation Post-Editing Services (ISO 18587:2017). Our team is constantly working to maintain the top notch standards of the services offered by Creative Words.

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Fair work standards


Creative Words is the first company to achieve 10/10 in the Fairwork ratings.

Fairwork project aims to evaluate the work conditions of digital labour platforms in the platform economy internationally. Read more about it here.



While this score is valid for one year until the next rating takes place, our commitment to ensuring increasingly fair work standards to our translators is ongoing.

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