Fair work standards: Creative Words hits a top score in the Fairwork ratings

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Fair work standards: Creative Words hits a top score in the Fairwork ratings


In the bustling digital economy, where the line between work quality and life balance often blurs, Creative Words has emerged as a trailblazer, securing an exceptional 10/10 in the Fairwork ratings. This milestone is not merely a number but a reflection of the company’s steadfast dedication to fair work practices.

Let’s dig deeper into this great achievement!

Fair work’s Seal of Approval

fairwork standards logoFairwork stands as the arbiter of fairness in the digital domain, gauging companies against five fundamental principles of fair work. These principles foster a balanced assessment of fair pay, conditions, contracts, management, and representation. Developed collaboratively, Fairwork principles embody global insights and worker perspectives. The scores are valid for one year from the moment the evaluation is given until the next one.

Our adherence to these principles illustrates Creative Word’s role as a frontrunner in ethical business conduct.


Creative Words’ Journey to Excellence

“Keep learning” and “Help others” are the integral values that continuously guide our actions at Creative Words. With this in mind, we approached Fairwork aiming at the enhancement of our processes for greater equity and fairness with our translators. The focus was not solely on the outcomes, but on the tangible improvements that could be implemented.

Reaching this achievement has been a journey. Our policies and practices were far from perfect when we started our evaluation, and we had to implement numerous changes to make sure we were offering fair work to our collaborators.

Among all the adjustments, we worked on:

  • Clearly documenting our processes for feedback management and arbitration.
  • Enhancing our payment terms, an ongoing initiative expected to be successfully finalized by the end of 2024.
  • Explicitly stating our dedication to content screening in our code of conduct.
  • Guarantee that our translators wouldn’t be subjected to overly stringent non-compete clauses long after concluding cooperation.


Fair work outcomes

We are now proud to share the final evaluation Fairwork gave us, that recognizes the outcomes resulting from our dedicated efforts:

  • Fair Pay: at Creative Words, fair compensation is fundamental for a motivated workforce. Timely, full payments exceed local minimum wage, recognizing our linguists’ invaluable contributions.
  • Fair Conditions: we prioritize a healthy work-life balance, actively reducing precarity and overwork for translators. This fosters a well-being-focused collaboration, ensuring sustainability and rewarding professional journeys.
  • Fair Contracts: the transparency of terms and conditions is paramount for us. We ensure that clear and concise contracts are aligned with the agreed TOS and readily available to all our translators. Trust must be at the foundation of every professional relationship.
  • Fair Management: we always establish fair management with due process, ensuring thorough and equitable evaluations for decisions affecting the collaborators. Prioritizing equity fosters an inclusive environment that values everybody’s feedback and input.
  • Fair Representation: at Creative Words, we empower translators with representation, endorsing freedom of association and collective bargaining. This commitment fosters an environment where every voice is heard and valued.

fairwork standards balance

Achieving a 10/10 in the Fairwork ratings is just the tip of the iceberg: our approach to fair work has always extended to every aspect of our operations. From local Italian companies aiming to go global to international brands seeking a foothold in Italy, over the time we have built a reputation for excellence, backed by an ISO-certified quality assurance framework.

While this score is valid for one year, our commitment to ensuring increasingly fair work standards is ongoing. We aim to achieve the same result with the upcoming evaluation as well.

Fair work on Creative Words’ Accomplishment

A few words from Giulia Varaschin, Researcher at Fairwork, with whom we worked to obtain this notable achievement:

Fairwork rarely experienced such a collaborative and extensive dialogue with a rated firm, and such dedication to making policy revisions that directly benefit their workforce.We were delighted to see them being so committed to fair working conditions. With the support of the Fairwork team, Creative Words implemented an impressive number of changes to their company policies, allowing them to achieve a 10/10 in the Fairwork ratings and to become the first company to be awarded a full score. Such an accomplishment exemplifies that fair work in the platform economy is not only desirable but also achievable, and businesses have a responsibility to promote it.


Why Fair Work Matters

You might wonder, “Why does this matter to me?”

Well, whether you’re a potential client, a job seeker, or just an interested reader, this achievement is significant. It signifies a shift in the digital economy towards more ethical, fair, and sustainable practices. It represents a model that other companies can aspire to and a standard that consumers and workers can expect.

This perfect score in the Fairwork ratings is more than an accolade; it’s a reflection of our core values and commitment to a fairness and equity, and a benchmark for others to follow. In a market that often prioritizes customer-centric approaches, we are steadfast in ensuring translators and every individual play a pivotal role in shaping the business.

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