The video game industry is constantly expanding and, while many games are available in English, there is a vast international audience that has still not been fully tapped.


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Creative Words has some of the best linguistic resources in the industry and our localisation technologies support multiple platforms and devices. At Creative Words, we don’t just provide game localization and some of the best linguistic resources—many of whom are gamers themselves—but we also specialise in a variety of platforms and game experiences.

We work with games for dedicated consoles, such as PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. Of course, we all know what a gamechanger the smartphone has become and it is now one of the most popular platforms for gaming. We provide expert mobile game translation and localisation services for both iOS and Android devices to not only provide speedy and accurate translations, but also to improve the gamer’s user experience.

Whether you have a free-to-play or pay-to-play game, we are ready to package custom workflows to meet your needs. We offer translation and localisation, voice-over and subtitling, as well as localised in-country testing. Our rigorous quality assurance steps ensure that your final delivery is ready for the market and provides the best textual, audio and visual content for an optimised 360-degree gaming experience.

Additionally, all of our workflows can be adapted to a variety of video game genres, including: alternative reality games, massively multi-player online games, real-time strategy games, role-playing games, solitaire games, sports games, etc.

At Creative Words, we make video game localization a piece of cake with our modern, fully integrated localisation process. We can also help translate and localise your marketing materials and website, so your turnkey solution is ready to launch in every market.


Let Creative Words help you discover the most authentic playback for a fully localised on-screen and voice-over experience.


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