We offer you technical translation services, whether you are an industrial machine, chemical, automotive or electronics manufacturer or work in regulated industries, such as medical devices, consumer electronics or oil and gas.

At Creative Words we ensure that your technical documentation translation meet local regulatory requirements and industry standards.


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Global manufacturing and technical industries are undergoing a shift to rapid production processes and just-in-time industrial automation. Consequently, turnaround times for translations are tighter than ever and your documentation solutions must be agile and flexible, while meeting the most rigorous professional standards for quality and technical precision.


We rely on our team of linguists with specialties in industries including computer science, engineering, industrial manufacturing, patents, automotive, aerospace, medical manufacturing and chemicals. Our project managers work to design solutions that harness the best machine translation technologies and combine them with human translators equipped with the latest translation memories, terminology databases, and real-time linguistic review tools to deliver your documents on-time and on-budget.


We are specialised in technical documentation translation services that includes:

  • CAD drawings
  • Mechanical manuals
  • Operating manuals
  • Process control documents
  • Quality assurance manuals
  • Safety documentation
  • Technical patents
  • Technical specifications
  • Training and certification documentations


Consistency and quality are essential and we work with all of our clients to develop style guides, controlled language and glossaries to ensure our professional linguists have the proper framework of dynamic terminology technology to validate and proofread content in-context and in real time.


Working with under-qualified translators or those not qualified in your technical field will only slow down your project with multiple rounds of review and a translation that does not reflect “industry speak” may give clients a negative impression or even tarnish your brand. Our quality- and technology-driven solutions ensure our clients a fast time-to-market and the smoothest possible roll-out of products.


Our MO is helping our clients achieve the best possible ROI. Let us show you how Creative Words can transform your technical documentation management.


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