Linguistic testing is sometimes overlooked by clients who do not understand the full benefits of this essential service.


Our linguistic testing engineers work closely with linguists to validate the functionality and usability of content for specific markets. This final step ensures that all text, visuals and interactive elements are user-friendly and bug-free.

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Our goal with linguistic testing is to catch any problems that might affect the adoption or effectiveness of your product once it hits the market. Linguistic testing is most often required when complex projects—such as software translation, website localisation or multimedia projects—require that the linguistic steps are performed outside of the final application. Our native in-country linguists run your products exactly as a local user would, providing in-context feedback and corrections.


This final quality assurance run on your localised product ensures the smoothest market release and eliminates any painful or costly fixes that may need to be implemented down the line because of bugs and poorly adapted user interfaces.


Our cross-platform approach uses the strictest security protocols, so that the testing environment is managed with the greatest precision and transparency. Our linguists and QA testers prepare and analyse all of your regional settings for the highest level of global quality control with full integration of all system components in the final build.


Launching your new product should be a time for celebration and a pat on the back. Every developer’s nightmare is to be faced with an exorbitant number of support requests or negative reviews from user communities. This could mean devastating losses… in sales and your credibility!


At Creative Words, our expertise guarantees that your customers have the optimal user experience with their localised product. We are ready for functional and linguistic testing in any language and on any device—mobiles, PCs, iOS, cloud—you name it.


Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova