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At Creative Words, we strongly believe in continuing education and sharing knowledge and best practices.
This is why we developed a series of Ebooks, Paper and Case Study free to download, on the various aspects, sectors and markets of localisation.

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Our e-books have been conceived in the spirit of lifelong learning and the sharing of knowledge free of cost: from translation to localisation, by way of language chatbots in the travel industry through to conversations about transcreation, machine translation post-editing and video game localisation.

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How much sense does it make to invest in translation and what is its ROI? What is the best way of creating effective product descriptions for an e-commerce portal? How is synergy generated between public relations firms and translation agencies? Discover all this and much more in our papers, to delve deeper into the relationship between translation and business.

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Case Study

Machine translation, tourism translation projects, subtitles for the pharmaceutical industry, creative translation for important footwear brands: if you are a data and numbers enthusiast, then our case studies are perfect for you!


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