Having a third party fine tune copy or translation ensures that all text is scrubbed to be publication-ready.


An extra set of eyes can catch mistakes that could be overlooked by a scientific or technical expert who might be writing in a second language.

proofreading creative words

Proofreading services are most often used on content that has been previously translated, written by an in-house area specialist or developed by a non-native speaker. It is also available as a quality assurance add-on service following copywriting, translation or localisation for industries with complex regulatory standards.


Subject-area experts, engineers and business leaders are now often expected to produce content in English, even if it is not their native language. While this guarantees the accuracy and insight of the content, grammatical errors, inappropriate tone or register and other surface errors will ultimately detract from the end-product.


Our scalable proofreading services mean that Creative Words adapts the project scope and budget to your company’s needs. While internal business documents may only need to be free of mistakes and surface errors, regulatory submissions or customer-facing media need to conform with stylistic conventions and domain-specific vocabulary and quality.


Proofreading and editing also is an opportunity to do a cross-check text against in-house style guides or branding guidelines, as well as to ensure that a solid, recognisable voice is conveyed across your brand.


Our network of mother-tongue translators and proof-readers also include qualified experts, such as lawyers, doctors, engineers and scientists who are able to navigate sector-specific terminology and jargon. This final polish will go a long way to ensure that your content is error-free and ready to face clients in even the most stringent and regulated industries.


Quality, consistency and clarity should never be sacrificed for time or price constraints. Let Creative Words work with you to make sure your company always puts its best foot forward.


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