At Creative Words, we have your legal and financial translation needs covered.


Whether you are conducting business overseas or just need legal document translation services or your privacy policy translated for GDPR compliance, we combine the latest translation technologies to ensure linguistic consistency and terminology precision with our professional team of legal linguists.

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In the same way, we ensure our translation services in the financial sector with mother-tongue translators who are experts not only in language but also in the quality standards required in the field, such as those for international financial accounting established by the International Accounting Standards Board.


Legal Translation


We help our clients stay a step ahead of the competition with global legal translation services for corporate law, intellectual property, health care, patents and litigation. Whether you are looking to outsource your linguistic requirements or need support during a specific stage—such as discovery—we are streamlined to get your legal content translated with security that you can count on.


Our processes are fully secured and managed to provide you with comprehensive solutions to help reduce administrative burdens and support attorneys and legal staff to develop and coordinate key elements of cases. From trial documentation, to demonstrative evidence, to e-discovery, we offer interactive and real-time resources for today’s 24/7 legal ecosystem.


In addition to subject-area experts and lawyer-linguists, Creative Words also takes its legal translation services off the page. We provide livestream, remote and on-site interpretation services, as well as video and transcript synchronisation by certified legal audio-visual specialists.


Our flexibility extends to combined hard-copy and paperless options, as well as expedited solutions when time is of the essence. We are ready to provide you legal document translation services with both short- and long-term strategies, thanks to our unparalleled expertise, legal insight and demonstrated quality.


Financial Translation


Globalisation continues to create the need for adaptation to market approaches that see registered offices in various countries and the dynamics of international negotiation. It has become necessary to respond to the continual updating of regulations and to the constant development of terminology that requires readiness, language expertise and confidence in the subject matter.


At Creative Words, we deal with all your financial translation needs related to financial statements, prospectuses, reports, accounting manuals, notices, records, insurance, banking services, mergers, acquisitions and articles of association. Not to mention income statements, balance sheets, commercial bids, SEC reports, and loan and real estate declarations.


We’re aware of the delicate nature of processed data, so we strive to fully honour the privacy of the customer, in order to offer an all-encompassing service based on quality, swift turnaround times and complete availability.


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