E-commerce is one of the most remarkable phenomena to emerge from the digital age.


Successful online businesses have experienced sharp growth in online spending and virtually torn down geographical boundaries. But customers are savvy and engaging with and converting international markets means reaching out in the local language.

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As much as e-commerce translation can be a barrier to entry, it can also be the doorway to new opportunities, with millions of potential customers just a click away. According to a European Commission survey, 90% of EU users use a browser in their native language and 42% do not buy a product online if the description or reviews are in a foreign language. Increasing web traffic, conversion rates and revenue are ultimately all tied to translated and localised content for your e-commerce site.


At Creative Words, we understand the bigger picture, e-commerce translation is not enough: customer support, marketing and integration across multiple platforms are essential for your digital storefront. We work to streamline your end-to-end e-commerce localisation and multiply consumer touchpoints and support requirements.

In order to boost your brand equity and optimise your positioning and indexing on the web, we also have a team of linguists, copywriters and SEO specialists connected to local markets to increase customer engagement and conversion. By leveraging a variety of automated and consent management system integrations, we localise every step of the buyer’s journey.


E-commerce certainly has its challenges: eliminating English bleed-through across content, managing costs across primary and secondary markets and centralising fast-changing product inventory. If done incorrectly, e-commerce localisation costs can quickly exceed the rate of return. Our product workflows help you navigate taking your e-commerce global on a budget that you can swallow.


From click to cart, let Creative Words help you deliver an optimised 360-degree experience for your e-customers in any language.


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