Serena Sparviero

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Serena Sparviero

In-house Linguist

As a proud Ravenclaw, her favorite hobby is to read a book before seeing the respective movie, and then spend the whole time saying, “But actually in the book…”, making everyone hate her.


Likes: starting the day with herbal tea and biscuits, watching TV series and discovering new places. Dislikes: accidental typos, a slow internet connection and laggards.

Her love of English began as a child, when she would do cartwheel after cartwheel to the tune of “London Bridge is falling down”. This love slowly turned into a real passion for languages, and after high school she had no doubts as to what she wanted to become: a translator!

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She thus left her small town to first move to Bari, where she studied “Communication and Linguistic Mediation”, and then to Genoa where she attended a university course in “Translation and Interpreting”. Thanks to the Erasmus study-abroad programme, she had the opportunity to live in Oviedo, Spain, where she stuffed herself with cachopo and fell even more in love with Spanish culture. Later she moved to Stirling, Scotland, where she spent her working days at a translation agency and her weekends exploring castles and eating haggis. She lastly returned to Salento, but is always looking for excuses to explore new places.


After years of the isolation so typical of freelance translators, where her only company was CAT tools and actual cats, she decided to socialise a touch more by joining the Creative Words family. In the meantime, she dedicates her free days to studying for a master’s degree in “Audiovisual Translation, Localisation, Subtitling and Dubbing” and to learning new languages, because she believes that standing still is not an option in the life of a linguist.
She can’t concentrate on a task unless it has been planned down to the last detail (be it a trip, a themed party, or a work project). Every month she discovers a new passion to which she entirely devotes herself until she grows bored and moves on to something completely different. The only constant passions in her life are languages, cats, and books!

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