Lucia Antico

creative words

Lucia Antico

Junior Project Manager

Passionate about languages, vintage, and design, she likes to spend her Sundays walking in nature and in small unknown villages, where she “tries” to capture some shots.

TV series addicted; it is thanks to them that she discovered her passion for languages.


She decided to follow her passion by enrolling in the linguistic high school and then by taking a bachelor’s degree in languages and cultures, where she became passionate about the Russian language and culture.

She dreams of becoming a translator and that’s why she moves to the magical city of Turin, with which she falls in love.

She begins to explore new professions and discovers the role of Project Manager which combines her obsession for organization with her passion for translation.


In her free time, when she’s not browsing through the shelves of flea markets, or flipping through some design pages, she enjoys experimenting with baking, photography, and exploring places surrounded by nature.

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  • In the past few years Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic in virtually any field of knowledge. From Cybersecurity Defence to Health Care, from Market Prediction to Accounting, from Human Resource Management to Logistics. The language industry is not exempt from it either.......


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