ISO certifications: quality guarantee for customers (and translators). What’s it about?

quality iso certifications

ISO certifications: quality guarantee for customers (and translators). What’s it about?

In 2019, Creative Words obtained two quality certifications according to the standards dictated by the International Organization for Standardization:


Obtaining these ISO quality standards has allowed us to implement robust systems for information security. Moreover it enables to maintaini high quality in the handling of the primary services we offer.

While searching for the right language service provider to internationalise your business, taking note of the ISO 17100:2015 and 18587:2017 certifications! It is already an excellent tool to identify those companies that have had their language services checked and approved by an external certification body.

Which standards should be observed?


In order to obtain ISO certifications of quality, organisations must maintain precise and high standards in the management of all aspects related to the quality and delivery of post-editing translation services. We at Creative Words have not only satisfied these requirements from the start, and with only a few notes on making minor improvements, but we have also maintained these high levels of quality, receiving excellent results from the auditor each year.

Through the selection and onboarding of project managers and linguists (freelance or in-house) and the management of customer feedback, along with the use of a quality system to monitor the work of suppliers and the creation of a system for continuing professional development for the whole team (external and internal), Creative Words has easily succeeded in obtaining its two ISO certifications.


What procedure is involved in obtaining ISO certifications?


The quality certifications provide our customers with the guarantee that their projects will always be managed in accordance with procedures recognised on a global level. In addition, they ensure that all linguists (freelance and in-house) are always highly qualified and receive ongoing training to meet specific requirements. So they can work with us.

Obtaining the ISO 18587:2017 in particular (certification of the quality of machine translation post-editing projects) has been a completely natural process for Creative Words. It meant simply putting in writing an entire series of processes that we had already been following daily in a fully instinctive way as a result of the well-established experience of our team. Machine translation post-editing is undoubtedly the service in which we have the most experience. And it constitutes a large portion of the workload we receive each day. This certification also took on an even more special meaning the moment Creative Words became one of the first Italian companies to obtain the ISO 18587:2017 standard. An accomplishment that can represent nothing other than our biggest source of pride.



Daniela D'Amato

Operations Manager at Creative Words, she loves the world of Localization almost as much as she loves music. While looking out for new challenges, she never leaves anything to chance and keeps everything (and everyone) under control.

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