Elisabetta Gava

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Elisabetta Gava

Marketing Manager

Amateur writer, curious and booklover. Ironic by nature and sometimes contradictory, she knows no half-measures (but then changes her mind easily).

She loves art and creativity in all its forms; this passion led her to enroll in art high school and later to experiment with new potentials. After a year of leisure, study and work in the chaotic metropolitan city of London, argh, she’s back in Genoa for love and to throw herself into the world of marketing where she found her passion for creative writing on social media.

gava elisabetta

After working in content marketing and as a social media manager for several companies, she landed at Creative Words as a marketing manager.

She firmly believes that every uphill path is an opportunity to be seized and in the absolute theory of karma. A sweet tooth, she fights gravity by playing sports and taking long walks with her Labrador, of course sharing everything on socials through her camera lens.

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