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Lavinia Tomasinelli

Lead Linguist

Netflix addict and late-night car singing enthusiast. Loves quoting books and movies randomly. Hits the snooze button 50 times in a row.


Lavinia graduated as an English and French into Italian translator from the University of Genoa in 2015. She then spent 9 months in Privas in the French countryside, teaching Italian and eating a lot. After that, she returned to Genoa and began teaching English, first in a local school and, later, to the inmates of the Genoese jail of Marassi.
She began working for Creative Words as a freelance translator for a big post-editing project in May 2017 and soon became a part of the in-house translation and QA team.

tommasinelli lavinia

Fascinated with subtitling for years, she is now learning everything there is to know about localization.


She feels somewhat uncomfortable talking about herself in the third person, among other activities. She couldn’t live without: Friday night beer, the feeling of excitement when downloading a PDF plane ticket, her dog, BoJack Horseman’s teachings, folk music, and the people who make her day worthwhile.


Here are the blog posts Lavinia wrote for Creative Words, enjoy reading!


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