Marina Liuzzi

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Marina Liuzzi

Solutions Architect

Born Milanese, but always on the move: two years in the same spot are already too many. She loves Harry Potter, singing, and obviously TV shows.


Marina discovered her passion for the English language while listening to The Beatles. After several summer study trips in the UK, she decided… not to study languages in high school! Despite this speed bump, she eventually enrolled in the School of Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Milan, where she studied English and Danish.


It then logically follows that she studied abroad for nine months in wonderful Copenhagen.

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Writing her Bachelor’s thesis drew her closer to the world of literary translation, which led her to a new University experience: she set her sights and mind on a Master’s in Professional Translation at the Swansea University (Wales). At the same time, she continued to nurture her passions: singing opera and teaching.
Back in Italy and thanks to an internship, she discovered the amazing world of project management: the telephone ringing, endless emails, no breaks, multi-tasking, an obsessive degree of organization—a dream come true!


After a two-year break spent teaching and translating, she felt the call of project management once again and found herself in Genoa, thanks to Creative Words, where she hopes to bring a touch of craziness thanks to her unique sense of humour.


    Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova