Gaia Gilardengo

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Gaia Gilardengo

Project Manager

Concertgoer and professional coffee drinker. Extremely curious, her main passion is exploring, be it new music genres, bookshop shelves, or remote mountain paths.


Gaia cannot stand still. Although she has moved to Turin for university, where she is studying first Linguistic Mediation and then Foreign Languages for International Communication, she is often found on a train to Alessandria in the company of a classical guitar on her way to the conservatory. In the meantime, she does two Erasmus exchanges.

gaia gilardengo

The semester at the University of Leeds makes her want to travel all over the United Kingdom. In St. Petersburg, where she attends the Department of Humanities at the Polytechnic, she leaves her heart and fulfils a dream. Walking along the Nevsky prospect surrounded by the frozen canals, she feels as if she is in one of Gogol’s novels. Now she is in Genoa, but sooner or later she will board a Trans-Siberian train, travelling from Moscow to Vladivostok.


Her love for translation has always been with her and she cannot do without it. A tireless reader, she loves to reflect on every translation choice and tries her hand at editorial translation.


However, she discovered the magical world of Project Management thanks to a bootcamp promoted by Localization Academy in collaboration with Creative Words. And she liked this strange job so much that she becomes a permanent member of the agency’s PM team. She likes the constant challenges and the opportunity to learn new things. She believes that every difficulty is an opportunity to reflect on, perhaps in front of a cup of coffee.

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