Roberta Spinetta

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Roberta Spinetta

Linguistic Team Lead

Pragmatic, ironic (and self-deprecating), she loves spas, minimal style, and turnkey solutions. She has a soft spot for pizza, dark chocolate and dried fruits of all kinds. She is vaguely affected by weather changes, she loves summer, sun and sea, reading, movies (except sci-fi), crossword puzzles, and hiking (but only if it requires reasonable effort). Instead, don’t talk to her about winter, rain, snow and…unforeseen events!

Roberta Spinetta

Always passionate about languages, particularly English, Roberta graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature from the university in her hometown, Genoa, Italy, but she knew from the start that teaching was not her vocation. She then decides to attend a master’s program in translation and localization, which incredibly opens wide the doors to the world of work for her. For a short time she was a freelance translator but as soon as the opportunity arose she began working in-house as a linguist, finding her ideal professional dimension. She worked for years in a few agencies and then changed industries, becoming an in-house translator at a multinational company in the financial field. With this experience over, she moved back to her roots in May 2022, accepting the challenge of a new role: to lead Creative Words’ team of linguists, bolstered by her – indeed – many years of experience.

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