Mariapaola Dell’Orto

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Mariapaola Dell’Orto

Project Manager

Passionate about all kind of stories, she loves her job because no day is the same and because she always has the opportunity to learn something new.


She has cultivated a passion for languages since adolescence, with the sole purpose of being able to read the books of her favorite saga in the original language on the day of release and understand the parodies of early American Youtubers. In time she realizes that this passion can become a job. She takes a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Bergamo, where she studies English, French and a dash of Japanese, and then a Master’s Degree in Translation at the University of Trieste’s Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators.

mariapaola creative words

Always fascinated by the world of dubbing, immediately after graduation, she sends her CV to all the studios in Milan, and in 2012 she is lucky enough to find a job as Project Manager in a recording studio specializing in multilingual audio projects, where she works with a wonderful team of PMs, sound engineers and international voice talents. Here she is also in charge of developing translation services, particularly for clients in the fashion, beauty, and advertising industries. In 2021 she officially begins her career as a freelance translator, and meets Opitrad, a Milan-based translation agency where she works as a language consultant and PM.


Following the acquisition of Opitrad, she joins the Creative Words team in 2023, first devoting herself to linguistic activities and later joining the Project Management team.

She lives between Milan and Lake Como with her husband and two children. When she is not at her desk assigning and delivering projects, or chasing the children around the house, she can be found on the couch reading essays on the most disparate topics, in front of the stove listening to podcasts, or traveling around Italy (and – whenever possible – Europe) visiting friends.


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