Anna Xotta

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Anna Xotta

Senior Community Manager

A former wannabe translator who bumped into the magical world of Community Management. She loves immersing herself in nature, going to concerts and spending time with her little kid.


Anna has been a Community Manager unknowingly since she was 15, when she created and managed a forum for Blink 182 fans for fun. She approached foreign languages when she started translating song lyrics and fostered her passion by moving abroad right after graduating in Languages and Translation at La Sapienza.

anna xotta community manager

She first moved to Northern Ireland, then to Ireland, Germany and finally came back to Italy. She re-discovered her love for community building in 2017, when she started creating and developing communities for work.

She currently lives in Rome with her husband, little kid and a fat white cat. Although she told Diego she is not vegan anymore, she is planning to become one again, due to her love for (almost) all living creatures on the planet.
If you want to make her happy, take her for a hike on the alps.


Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova