Matilde Santetti

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Matilde Santetti

Project Manager

Matilde is Tuscan at heart, with a great passion for the German language.

This led her, after her bachelor’s degree, to the interpretation and translation faculty in Florence, to pursue a master’s degree in conference interpreting in Vienna.


She has got back to Italy only recently and still does not know what her next destination(s) will be.

santetti matilde

She is a incorrigible bookworm, so much so that one book is not enough: she always carries three at the same time, one hard-copy, one digital, and one audiobook.


She loves climbing, hiking, and the outdoors. She’d love to go on a road trip around the world in a van. She is crazy about board games.

Her natural habitat is rock concerts, and her neighbors are well aware.


Working as a project manager reconciled her organizational foibles with a desire to meet new people.

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