Copywriting and tourism: how to promote your tourism business

copywriting and tourism promotion

Copywriting and tourism: how to promote your tourism business

The combination of copywriting and tourism might look like a rather useless pairing at first glance. But it’s actually a crucial combination that can prove extremely beneficial to your tourism business. Let’s take a look at how engaging storytelling can increase bookings and revenue.

Have you ever heard of copywriting?

In essence, it means writing texts for marketing. Meaning texts that aim to capture the attention of a specific target audience and induce them in some way to act (from a simple comment to a more challenging purchase).

Although still unknown to most, a copywriter is indeed a profession in its own right, requiring many different skills in a variety of fields, including writing, advertising and psychology. And which, of course, cannot do without a certain amount of creativity. It is no coincidence that many consider copywriting a true art form!

If you have been following our blog for a while, you’re already familiar with the world of copywriting. In fact, we have detailed the history and goals of this wonderful and very useful profession in several articles.

Copywriting can therefore turn out to be a real secret weapon. If drafted by a competent professional, well-structured copy will be an excellent ally for your digital marketing strategies. Thanks to its extraordinary ability to ignite the customer’s emotions and push them towards the desired action.


Copywriting and tourism: the odd couple

If you work in tourism, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the major change firsthand – according to some a real revolution – underway in this industry.

copywriting and tourismConsider, for example, the ubiquitous pandemic, which has brought major losses to the entire industry due to numerous travel restrictions. Or more generally, consider the change in the mindset of travelers, especially younger ones. In fact, many are beginning to make increasingly conscious and sustainable choices even in their leisure travel.

In short, the travel world is constantly changing, and many trends have emerged recently that are likely to contribute to increasingly revolutionising the entire tourism industry.

Due to this change, and the ever-increasing attention of travelers to economic-environmental aspects, being able to clearly communicate your company’s values takes on crucial importance. This is precisely where the marriage of copywriting and tourism can prove decisive.


Copywriting and tourism: why it is essential

Although having your own identity as a company is crucial nowadays, it’s actually even more important knowing how to convey your identity to the best of your ability. In other words, in addition to having clear ideas, you also need to know how to communicate them (and especially to whom). Always keeping the goal you want to achieve in mind.

In an industry such as tourism that’s increasingly dominated by the Web and search results. It’s also imperative to make sure that your content is well placed. This means not only communicating in the right way. But also making sure that your messages are read by as many users as possible.

To this end, an SEO copywriter – a professional who specialises in communication and has a firm knowledge of the mechanisms that guarantee greater visibility of content on search engines – has become increasingly important in recent years. We have already extensively discussed the benefits of SEO. Today, however, we want to specifically focus on the complex combination of copywriting and tourism and its potential to increase visits and bookings.


How a copywriter can successfully marry copywriting and tourism

So how can you concretely combine copywriting and tourism to ensure that you capture users’ attention and persuade them to act in a specific way?

First of all, a good copywriter should think about the basic motives behind the pure desire to travel: which emotions trigger what then sets in motion, in practice, the enormous tourism industry?

Some travelers may find the discovery of new cultures and customs particularly interesting, while others may simply want to get away from their routine.

It’s up to the expert copywriter to use their words to make users experience the same feelings that the future tourists will experience once they reach their destination.

Adventure, comfort, relaxation, entertainment, culture: a professional will have to be able to evoke real memories, emotions and feelings in a wide variety of areas, making sure to expertly strike the right chords to gain users’ attention and trust.


How to choose the right professional

Of course, to best reconcile copywriting and tourism, it’s essential to rely on communication professionals who can understand business objectives and transpose them into simple, compelling words.

At Creative Words, we have been in the comprehensive communication business for years, and we have told the story of numerous companies in the tourism industry with our copywriting services, fostering their growth and contact with users. Learn more about our copywriting services; if you want your message to stand out on your communication channels, contact us. We’ll be happy to build a strategy together with you that fits your goals.


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