Embracing Change: The Human Approved Certification Pioneers the Future of AI and Human Collaboration in the Language Industry

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Embracing Change: The Human Approved Certification Pioneers the Future of AI and Human Collaboration in the Language Industry

With the advancement of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken deep root in today’s world, leaving a significant mark in various fields, including the language industry. The emergence of innovative models such as ChatGPT has revolutionized the perception of this landscape, making the technology accessible to an ever-wider audience.

The year 2023 is characterized by worries and fears about the possibility that Artificial Intelligence can replace human skills and make professionals redundant in various fields, including language. However, it is becoming increasingly clear how important it is to view AI as a valuable resource rather than a threat, recognizing its ability to significantly improve language-related functions and bring about significant changes in linguistic professions.

Instead of feeding the fear of change, linguists and organizations should adapt to new opportunities and to the growing demand for innovative skills and, thus, redefine the roles of the field. Just as machine translation revolutionized the language industry, advances in Artificial Intelligence offer another extraordinary opportunity.

In this context, the Innovation Lab project becomes a key player in the research and analysis of linguistic AI applications. Through extensive research and pilot projects, the Innovation Lab has identified a common concern:  the validation of AI products and outputs.


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Creative Words’ Human Approved Certification

In response to the challenges posed by AI and generative AI, Creative Words has introduced a unique solution: the “Human Approved” certification. This seal preserves the value of the human touch in language-related activities and highlights the undeniable competence, creativity, and cultural understanding of language professionals.

Our team has outlined a systematic set of processes that begin with the integration of AI PE (Artificial Intelligence Post-Editing), through the creation of standardized editing procedures, and outputs the scientific evaluation of what works and what doesn’t.

  • AI PE Integration – Our professionals undergo extensive training on how to leverage the intelligent tools at their disposal to fully exploit the potential of artificial intelligence and improve post-editing and natural language processing tasks.
  • Standardization – Defining standard procedures facilitates communication between humans and machines, allowing professionals to develop awareness and critically evaluate AI outputs.
  • Evaluation and Validation – In defining the limits of technology and managing expectations by emphasizing the value that people provide, it is important to identify where the human touch is inestimable.

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Human-in-the-Loop for a Conscious and Informed AI approach

The “Human Approved” seal positions Creative Words as a bridge player between AI and companies in various sectors. By proudly supporting the “human-in-the-loop” approach, we are eager to actively raise awareness and to give value to the positive outcomes of the careful and conscious use of artificial intelligence.

Encouraging collaboration between humans and machines, and maintaining an open mindset are crucial steps in effectively responding to challenges and embracing the opportunities arisen from the transformative impact of artificial intelligence.

The Innovation Lab fully embodies this mindset. It symbolizes the harmonious fusion of AI progress and linguistic expertise, accelerating change, redefining roles, and fostering a partnership with technology – all essential elements to ensure the preservation of the depth and intricacy of language in a technology-driven future. At the same time, it proactively raises awareness among professionals and businesses about the results that can be achieved through the thoughtful use of intelligent tools, underlines the importance of maintaining a balance between AI and human participation, and actively promotes a responsible approach to integrate technology with language-related activities.

Set aside your biases about AI and discover the Human Approved certification!

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