Creativity and innovation: the merger of Creative Words and Creative AI

creativity and innovation

Creativity and innovation: the merger of Creative Words and Creative AI

The translation industry is experiencing an unprecedented revolution thanks to the advancement of technology and artificial intelligence. Against this backdrop of rapid evolution, we are pleased to announce the merger of Creative Words and Creative AI, which come together to create a unique force in the industry.

Creative Words, a leading translation and localisation company, has won the trust of customers through its expertise in providing high-quality language services. On the other hand, Creative AI was among the first Italian players in the field of data collection and annotation for artificial intelligence.

This merger represents a perfect synergy between the skills and resources of the two companies, and will enable us to offer our clients a complete solution for their communication needs. By combining Creative Words’ established experience in the language industry with Creative AI‘s expertise in artificial intelligence and innovation, we will be able to offer even more effective services to our global clients.

The decision to join forces stems from a desire to anticipate market needs and offer innovative solutions. In an increasingly globalised and digitised world, effective communication is crucial to the success of any business. The merger of the two companies will enable us to offer even more personalised and cutting-edge services, responding to our clients’ changing needs and exceeding their expectations.


Creative AI: mission, objectives, services offered


Creative AI, a company at the forefront of artificial intelligence, offers various services.

One of the services offered is data annotation. Creative AI provides tools and methods for labelling, classifying and organising large amounts of data. Data annotation is crucial for training and developing artificial intelligence models. This will enable them to recognise and understand different aspects of creative content, such as images, text or sound. Creative AI ensures accurate and high-quality annotation, thus contributing to the success of artificial intelligence-based applications.

Creative AI: mission, obiettivi, servizi offertiAnother service offered by Creative AI is data collection: the company has developed methodologies and tools to collect relevant and representative data. These data are needed to train and feed artificial intelligence models. Data collection can involve different sources, such as the acquisition of existing content or the creation of new data through user interactions. Creative AI is committed to ensuring the quality and diversity of the data collected, which is essential for effective and high-performance results.

Finally, Creative AI provides data validation services. The company is committed to thorough analysis and validation of collected data to ensure its consistency, correctness and reliability. This data validation process is crucial to eliminate any errors or ambiguities that could affect the quality of artificial intelligence-based solutions.

Following the merger of the two companies, the services currently offered by Creative AI will be fully integrated with those of Creative Words. As a result of the merger, Creative Words’ clients will be able to directly benefit from the services and expertise offered by Creative AI. The integration of artificial intelligence into the translation and content generation services will improve the quality, efficiency and innovation of the services offered by Creative Words.


Benefits for customers: an advanced and personalised communication experience


The merger of the two companies brings with it a number of significant benefits for our customers. This merger represents a unique opportunity to offer even more efficient communication services, a higher quality of service and a wider range of innovative products and solutions.

  • Operational efficiency: the integration of artificial intelligence into Creative Words’ services will enable greater operational efficiency. Translation, language adaptation and content generation processes will be enhanced by the AI capability, reducing delivery times and ensuring a faster response to customer requests.
  • Quality of services: the combination of Creative Words’ language skills with Creative AI‘s expertise leads to a significant improvement in the quality of services offered. Clients will enjoy smoother translations, language adaptations more closely tailored to the specific needs of target markets, and high-quality content that reflects the company’s identity and message.
  • Wider range of products and solutions: as a result of the merger, Creative Words will be able to offer its customers a wider range of innovative products and solutions. In addition to translation and language adaptation services, customers will have access to the power of artificial intelligence for content generation, text sentiment analysis, search engine optimisation and more. This diversification of services will enable companies to achieve more strategic communication, adapt to rapidly changing markets and stand out from the competition.
  • Customisation of services: the merger of Creative Words and Creative AI will allow greater customisation of services offered to customers. Thanks to AI, it will be possible to tailor services to the specific needs of each customer. It will be possible to create tailor-made solutions that meet their particular communication challenges.


Innovation Lab


At the heart of Creative Words, the Innovation Lab is a dynamic, cutting-edge environment. It is a place where technology and creativity come together to generate innovative solutions. With Marta, Strategic Innovation Manager, and Thomas, experienced Workflow Automation Engineer, we are redefining the traditional rules of linguistic communication through the use of generative Artificial Intelligence.

Innovation LabMarta plays a key role not only in the development, but also in the implementation of innovative strategies, both inside and outside the company. With her forward-looking vision and deep understanding of market trends, Marta leads the team in discovering and analysing emerging opportunities.

Thomas is responsible for the development of automations to optimise internal workflows. He devotes his passion, among other activities, to the implementation of generative AI to deliver personalised data and content to our customers. In his role of IT consultant, close collaboration with the research and development team is crucial in the creation and continuous experiments to achieve highly innovative goals.

The synergy between Marta, Thomas and the research team will build the basis for developing an ever-evolving range of cutting-edge products.

If you are curious about how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising language services, the Innovation Lab is the place where ideas materialise and come to life.


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