Certified translations: the added value for your business

added value certified translation

Certified translations: the added value for your business


Certified translations are a crucial pillar for businesses that aim to operate internationally or deal with official legal documents. But what exactly are “certified translations,” and why are they so essential for businesses?


What are certified translations?

Certified translations are official translations performed by professional and authorized translators. These expert linguists are recognized by competent authorities and have acquired the necessary skills to produce high-quality and legally valid translations. Certified translations are usually accompanied by a certificate signed and stamped by the translator, which attests that the translation has been executed in compliance with the required standards.

Certified translations provide significant added value for your business as they ensure legal and regulatory compliance. If your business requires the translation of official or legal documents such as contracts, certificates, or financial reports, it is essential for these translations to be certified. This guarantees compliance with local and international regulations and laws. A certified translation attests that the translated content is accurate and faithful to the original, ensuring the legal validity of the documents and preventing potential issues or complications.


When to opt for certified translations

The importance of certified translations becomes evident in various circumstances. Below, we will discuss three situations where opting for certified translations is necessary.

Firstly, legal documents and contracts require utmost precision and accuracy in translation. These documents include contractual agreements, judgments, legal petitions, notarial deeds, and many others. Certified translations are essential to ensure that all parties involved fully understand the rights, responsibilities, and conditions established in the document. Furthermore, they confer legal and juridical value to the documents, allowing the parties to conduct their activities securely and in compliance with national and international laws.

opt for certified translationA second area where obtaining certified translations is necessary is administrative documentation, which encompasses a wide range of documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, visas, residence permits, and more. When presenting such documents to government entities or institutions, especially in a foreign country, certified translations are required to ensure the authenticity and correct understanding of the contained data. Additionally, they ensure that administrative documentation is legally recognized and accepted, simplifying procedures and avoiding potential bureaucratic obstacles.




The necessity of certified translations

Finally, certified translations are sometimes necessary for certificates and diplomas, which attest to an individual’s academic and professional qualifications. These include university degrees, training course completion certificates, language proficiency certificates, and similar documents. Certified translations of these documents are necessary to enable recognition and accurate evaluation of skills and qualifications in an international context. Both academic institutions and employers often require this type of translation to confirm the authenticity of documents and make informed decisions regarding an individual’s admission or employment.

In all these situations, certified translations play a fundamental role in ensuring accuracy, legal validity, and complete understanding of the translated documents. Seeking specialized professional translators and relying on a trusted translation agency is essential to obtain high-quality translations that meet the specific requirements of each industry and country.


How to choose the right service provider

When it comes to selecting translations service, there are several aspects to consider to make an informed choice. Let’s look at the key aspects to consider:

  • Quality and reliability evaluation of the translation service: translation quality is crucial to ensure a professional outcome. Before choosing a service provider, carefully assess the reputation and reliability of the agency or freelance translator. Check if the translators are certified and qualified, and if the service has a solid quality control process. The competence and experience of translators will directly impact the quality of the final translations.
  • Consideration of the specific industry and required languages: each industry has its own terminology and linguistic peculiarities. Make sure the translation service is familiar with your industry and can handle the required languages for the translations you need. In-depth industry knowledge will help ensure accurate and consistent translation, while experience in the required languages will ensure effective communication with your target audience.how to choose right service provider
  • Price and budget: Cost is an important factor to consider. Seek a balance between quality and price. Remember that this type of translation requires specialized skills and adequate quality checks, which can influence prices. Evaluate the different available options and compare prices offered by various translation services.
  • Recommendations and customer reviews: Reading reviews and testimonials from other clients can be an excellent source of information. Look for online reviews and recommendations or ask colleagues and business partners if they have had positive experiences with a particular translation service. Other people’s experiences can give you an idea of what it’s like to work with a specific service and help you make a more informed decision.



Choosing the right translation service for your business is crucial to ensure quality translations and meet your specific needs. Carefully evaluate quality, industry expertise, price, and customer testimonials to make a well-informed decision. A conscious choice will allow you to effectively communicate with your international audience and maximize the added value for your business.


Creative Words is an ISO-certified translation agency that collaborates with specialized native-speaking professionals to provide accurate and precise translations. If you need certified translations for your business, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to find the most suitable solution for you.

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