Our learning journey at Creative Words

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Our learning journey at Creative Words

2020 was a year of learning for everyone in so many different ways.


At Creative Words we took this literally, and we started three learning routes that we will explore further over the next few years.

The Students’ Route

In January last year, we launched our first e-learning platform for Italian students, fresh graduates and anyone who would like to explore new topics and fields of expertise that we believe are essential to getting started in the industry.

With almost 2,000 people registered and more than 900 graduates to date, CW ELAB is constantly connecting us with passionate learners who, to our delight, flooded our social feeds with questions, feedback and completion certificates.

We are humbled and honoured by this recognition and we have already planned something to treat our students’ community even further in 2021.

The Freelancers’ Route

A few months after launching our free e-learning platform for students, we piloted a project to streamline cooperation with our linguists and make their life a bit easier.

A dream came true in December 2020, when the Freelance Community Training Area was launched as an integral part of our e-learning platform. All our linguists can now access exclusive training material, anytime anywhere.

If you work with us as a freelancer, you can watch videos and webinars, take quizzes to test your revision skills or get a refresher on different best practices, all in one place.

Our goal is to make this space as collaborative and engaging as possible, through:

  • new content updated and added periodically
  • interactive learning programmes
  • peer learning and teaching


The Employees’ Route

Last but not least, after a soft launch in 2020, we have now officially unveiled a continuous professional development plan for all our in-house team members. An opportunity for us to grow and glow through:

  • a personal development plan to grow in our roles and beyond
  • teach-backs delivered by colleagues who attend courses and conferences
  • a collaborative monthly newsletter, with suggestions on favourite courses, webinars, readings…
  • cross-functional work crews, where we exchange learnings and develop solutions for our customers


Since the beginning, at Creative Words we have been guided by a strong desire to constantly improve and expand the services we offer to our clients, to give our contribution to the localisation industry and to connect localization students with the job market.

To do so, at Creative Words we keep learning and sharing knowledge. Will you join us on this journey?

If you are curious to know more about our learning journey or want to come on-board on any of these routes, just contact us!

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