Case Study: Runtastic


The company


Runtastic is an Austrian company founded in 2009 that has developed an innovative app for tracking and analyzing sports activities.

Runtastic allows users to monitor their workouts, track their progress, and connect with other fitness enthusiasts.


The company aimed to transform fitness into a truly global experience by reaching as many markets as possible.

app Runtastic
runtastic challenge

The challenge


Despite its tremendous potential, Runtastic faced a specific challenge that required external assistance: audiovisual translation. While the company’s in-house team excelled at localizing the app and marketing content, they lacked the expertise and resources needed for translating and dubbing audiovisual fitness videos.

To provide a comprehensive and engaging fitness experience to users worldwide, Runtastic needed a specialized partner.

The strategy


To address the challenge of localizing and dubbing their audiovisual content, Runtastic sought the expertise of Creative Words. The collaboration commenced in 2022 with a distinct focus on translating the audiovisual component of the app from English into numerous languages.

For each language, we meticulously selected native-speaking translators with specialized knowledge in the fitness, coaching, and wellness sectors. In addition to this, we developed internal reference materials to complement the glossaries and style guides provided by Runtastic, ensuring absolute terminological and stylistic consistency across diverse languages.

Our professional approach facilitated the translation of over 150,000 words.

runtastic strategy

The result


The collaboration with Creative Words allowed Runtastic to achieve its objective. The results fully met the client’s needs: we successfully managed the translation of content into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, and other languages. Depending on the project size, we were able to deliver quality translations within timelines ranging from 2 weeks to 1 and a half months.

Thanks to our large-scale localization work, Runtastic can now offer a personalized and engaging user experience for its global community of fitness enthusiasts.

What they say about us


“I particularly like the efficient, friendly and fast communication with all the team members that I talked to. The team is open and makes it really easy to collaborate with: it feels as if I were working with a team from my same company. The quality is great; the work is done within a short time and the project management becomes really easy thanks to the members of the team.

Thank you!”

runtastic what they say about us