Case Study: Harri




Harri, a key player in the Human Capital Management (HCM) and workflow management industry, faced a common issue as it expanded internationally and work with international clients already in multiple markets. Wanting to reach various markets, the challenge was to translate app strings and weekly app updates efficiently into multiple languages.


The manual extraction of strings for translation was time-consuming and resource-intensive. Harri was in search of a solution that could automate file exchange and, at the same time, provide control over the review cycle.

case study harri
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Harri sought to alleviate manual work for both developers and project managers. Their objective was to streamline the extraction and assignment of translation strings, ensuring the accuracy and contextual appropriateness of translations. Dealing with multiple platforms and apps and still maintaining a consistent workflow across them added a layer of complexity to the situation.



Seeking expertise in translation and localization services, Harri partnered with Creative Words. Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, Creative Words and Harri worked closely to devise a tailored integration solution.


Creative Words presented various options, and through collaborative efforts, they identified the most suitable approach. The integration of an external tool  facilitated efficient communication and file exchange. This not only lessened manual efforts but also afforded project managers and developers additional time to concentrate on their core responsibilities.

The result


In response to the challenges faced during its international expansion, Harri’s collaboration with Creative Words yielded transformative results.

The objective was clear: streamline the translation process for efficient multi-language app string translation, reduce manual workload for developers and project managers, and ensure precise contextual translations.


The tailored integration solution implemented by Creative Words not only met but exceeded expectations. The pinnacle achievement was the complete automation of the file assignment and receipt process.

This not only significantly reduced manual efforts but also granted Harri’s team the invaluable resource of time to focus more intensely on their core responsibilities. The successful collaboration showcased the power of strategic partnerships and bespoke solutions in overcoming complexities within the international business landscape, marking a substantial milestone in Harri’s journey towards global expansion.

What they say about us


“Upon hiring Creative Words, we sought a sustainable and automated localization process to reach an international audience. Creative Words collaborated closely with us, conducting two pilot projects and engaging with leadership, product, and engineering teams to enhance processes.


We reported internal feedback praising the “amazing” quality of translations, freeing up our time so we could focus on other business priorities. The collaboration enabled us to expand our product delivery to new languages, contributing to business growth. The intention is to extend the partnership to other content areas, ensuring a consistent brand voice. “

what they say about us harri