Case Study: Exakt Health


The company


Exakt Health, a leading medical and physiotherapy app, found itself at a crucial turning point in its journey.


With a vision to expand its customer base and enter new markets, the team recognized the importance of app localization and cultural adaptation.

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app Exakt Health

The challenge


The challenge faced by Exakt Health was clear: internationalization. They needed to transform their app into a multilingual powerhouse, making it accessible and appealing to potential users worldwide. However, this process was not without its hurdles.


The vast amount of in-app text required translation and review, and the team quickly realized that handling this volume manually would be time-consuming and prone to errors.

The strategy


That’s when Exakt Health turned to Creative Words. Their first step was to assemble a team of laser-focused translators. These experts possessed an intimate understanding of the medical and physiotherapy industry, guaranteeing the accuracy and precision required for Exakt Health’s app localization.

By harnessing cutting-edge technology and human expertise, Creative Words optimized their productivity, allowing them to handle the translation of 50,000 words seamlessly.

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The result


The result of Exakt Health‘s collaboration with Creative Words was nothing short of remarkable.

The translated and reviewed in-app text breathed life into Exakt Health’s application, captivating users in new markets and fostering a deep connection with their target audience.

What they say about us


“We are satisfied with the collaboration with Creative Words. They provide the quality requested and they respect the deadlines agreed upon.

The whole team is responsive and available to provide their input to improve processes and – overall – our collaboration.”

team Exakt Health