The alliance between digital marketing and translation in 8 (important) steps

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The alliance between digital marketing and translation in 8 (important) steps

In the age of the digital revolution, there continues to be a steady increase in the number of brands that decide to invest in digital marketing strategies. This happens to make a name for themselves on the internet and social platforms. Users today spend on average seven hours a day online, mainly to look up information. The goal of brands is to intercept them. 


Beyond this, if brands wish to also expand into international markets, a combination of translation services and digital marketing becomes important. It seems only 26% of total users on the internet search for information in English.  In many cases, translation services, localisation and transcreation can be an effective support for the digital marketing strategies of businesses.
To be effective on an international scale as well, communication strategies must always certainly consider statistical and market analyses. However also an analysis of the cultural background of the target market, for whom content has to be specially tailored.

To better understand the strategic alliance between digital marketing and translation, here’s a list of eight services that a translation agency can offer.


  1. Multilingual copywriting

In a digital world already saturated with content, it’s quality that makes a difference in a good communication strategy. Professional multilingual copywriting and transcreation services allow you to create original texts and promotional messages. They will be perfectly suited to an international target audience.

  1. Multilingual SEO

A good SEO strategy helps brands strengthen their online presence in a concrete way. Therefore, to improve the ranking of an international website and increase the traffic directed towards it, it’s essential to rely on professionals who offer multilingual SEO services.


  1. Localisation and transcreation of content

When content is produced for an international audience, it’s important to take into consideration some aspects of language and culture. It is paramount that the conveyed messages are appropriate and easily understood by all users. The localisation of content consists precisely of adapting messages to the local culture. While transcreation is about producing original content, depending on the nuances of language of the target market.


  1. Translation of advertising campaigns

Sponsored content online and on social media are by now considered a fundamental component of digital marketing strategies. They are designed to successfully optimise the number of people selling a targeted advertising insert. The texts of these advertising campaigns must contain pertinent information and engaging calls to action. And this is why the translation of content can be useful in reaching the goal of this strategy.


  1. Localisation of multilingual websites 

A multilingual website ensures an improved customer experience. First of all, since it allows users to better find their way around a graphic interface. And secondly, because it locates content that fits in with their cultural background. Localisation services provide support in designing websites. Not only in terms of creating content but also in regards to the graphic aspect of the platform itself.


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  1. Subtitling of video content for social media and websites

According to digital marketing forecasts and trends, it is expected that more than 80% of user traffic in 2022 will be generated by online videos. For this reason, it will become increasingly important to place the subtitling of video content in the care of professional experts who are capable of using the appropriate and necessary tools.


  1. Translation of international marketing automation 

Although there are new tools and platforms that can be used to implement effective digital marketing strategies, email is a direct channel that still is quite effective in staying in contact with potential customers. And yet even with this tool it’s not always easy to convey an engaging message while taking into account differences in language and culture. Localisation and transcreation services help formulate appealing and emotionally engaging texts while considering such factors.


  1. Localisation of micro-texts
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Micro-texts help users find their bearings while browsing online. They can be found in 404 pages, in the fields of calls to action on websites and in e-commerce and in privacy policies as well as in apps and chatbots. When we’re talking about the localisation of micro-texts, it’s important to choose our words carefully, in order to ensure they have the desired impact on users. Specifically, this activity of adapting a text makes it possible to convey the company message on all levels and to evoke the right emotions in users.

The alliance between digital marketing and translation is a concrete partnership for raising visibility and driving conversions of the brands that reap their benefits, in line with management decisions and business communication plans. All in all, it’s a winning strategy for offering end clients a more complete service of exceptionally high quality.




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