Translation and cybersecurity

Translation and cybersecurity

How is the internet changing languages?


For easy access and use, the Internet has forced users of languages other than English to resort to using Latin letters to write and communicate. The Internet has helped in combining dialects, idioms and alphabets. In Arabic-speaking countries, many users resort to using Latin letters for their communication purposes, writing Arabic words in English letters.

To compensate for the missing Arabic sounds, numbers are used to write the word as it is pronounced in Arabic. This only started with the wide use of the Internet in the Arab world. Understanding such newly invented techniques can help cybersecurity achieve its purposes.

What is the importance of translation?


Translating word for word can have a lot of negative effects. It is very important to understand the message and the meaning the sentence conveys. Studies and actual events show that attackers can stay undetected for a long time, while an attack will take several days to be resolved, which could cause a huge loss. The successful translation of all data available can help companies to detect and respond to breaches in a timelier manner.

Djenny Floro


Creative Words, servizi di traduzione, Genova