Translation and Covid-19: Multilingual Sources and Translation Platforms

traduzione e covid 19

Translation and Covid-19: Multilingual Sources and Translation Platforms

Translation and covid-19: the pandemic has put translators and linguists in front of a new challenge: translating correctly new scientific and technical terms to make the pandemic understandable for everyone.


1) Translation platoforms
2) Multilingual glossaries
3) Linguistic resources


During the whole course of 2020, traslation and covid had to be developed. Several multilingual resources have spread online and have proved to be useful to quickly and reliably translate the technical terms mostly used by the different institutions.

Translation platforms


So here are some institutional sources where to find the right multilingual resources, useful to translate quickly and reliably the technical terms related to Covid19 mostly used by institutions:


Multilingual glossaries


Here are some precious links to multilingual glossaries of the translation and covid field:

  • IATE, the terminology database of the European Union, the translation of 8 million terms is available in 24 languages
  • The Swiss Federal Administration has made available TERMDAT, a multilingual term database with fact sheets translated into 5 languages
  • Non-profit organization Translators without Borders has made available a technical glossary, useful for industry interpreters, to translate the most commonly used keywords related to Covid-19
  • The translation platform Smartcat launched CovidTM, a collaborative language resource open to all industry professionals


Linguistic resources


Now let’s close up this in-depth analysis with a couple of links to other useful resources for translating Covid-19:


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