Professional Translation Services: 5 Reasons to Use Them

5 reasons use translation services

Professional Translation Services: 5 Reasons to Use Them

Why would you need professional translation services? Perhaps you’ve landed some clients in Italy. Perhaps you’re looking to work with ‘Made in Italy’ suppliers. Or perhaps you’re thinking of asking that employee who did a semester abroad in Italy ten years ago to handle your business’s translation needs.


Although we get it; in-house has its appeal, if you’re serious about doing business in a foreign market, our advice is simple: to each their own profession. Instead of eating up your colleague’s precious time with a job that most likely falls well outside of their responsibilities and expertise, do yourself a favor. Make an investment that you’ll never regret: use professional translation services.

We do consider very important to have a multilingual website. However, it is just as much important to consider the benefits of relying on an professional translation service. Indeed, you should avoid cutting corners on such a fundamental aspect of your content strategy, to protect yourself further down the road against the consequences of an inexperienced decision.

Moreover, undervaluing the words that describe your work is an all-too-commonly-made mistake that carries with it the risk of unfortunate (and costly) repercussions. Firstly, in terms of your company’s revenue and secondly for your business abroad.

Your website is your storefront: it needs to look its best

Before everything, let’s not forget that for most potential clients your website is the only way of getting to know your business before trying out your products or services. As a consequence, in just a few clicks, it must convey as accurate and true an image as possible of the way you work.

You wouldn’t want to target a new market with a sloppy, confusing, chaotic storefront. Or give those who don’t know the value of your work the impression that they’re dealing with a half-baked, careless company.

A poorly translated website, brochure, or instruction manual are an injustice to your professionalism and the quality of your products and services; they in fact create a distorted image of your approach to work. Moreover, they penalize the lengths you go to every day to do your best.

Maybe you think the proof is in the pudding, and sure, the end product is fundamental. But imagine you’re a client: would you buy a luxury car from a haphazard, poorly written, or rather, poorly translated website? After a few clicks, you’d probably end up closing the tab and seeking out a different site with more accurate content instead of stumbling onward with random shots in the dark at trying to understand the real meaning of what’s being said.

You wouldn’t want that happening with your potential clients, right?

So what are the real, tangible benefits to be gained from relying on professional translation services?

Let’s take a look.

1. Effective Communications


To connect with potential clients and partners abroad, you need to break through both linguistic and cultural barriers, to speak to them in the most effective voice possible. Google Translate has come a long way on the language front, but AI and machine learning models have yet to tackle the subtleties of culture.

If your goal is to break into a new foreign market, confident that your contacts fully understand what you do and the unique value you bring, you need to transmit your message with the highest possible degree of clarity, precision, and conviction. Who better to do this than a specialist capable of reproducing all the linguistic and cultural nuances necessary for cultivating the greatest appeal in that specific market?

2. Timely Delivery of Professional Translation Services


A professional takes on your project, adds it to their schedule accounting for any prior commitments (or finds a colleague able to meet the established deadline), and respects the agreed-upon dates without asking for extensions, to guarantee the service that you want, when you want it.

A person with other responsibilities to whom you’ve assigned the task of translating in their spare time, meanwhile, may have to squeeze this request in among a hundred other priorities. It naturally follows that you might not achieve the time frame you need and, as a result, lose days or weeks of precious sales opportunities. In addition to having distracted your employee from their main job.

3. Precision and Accuracy


Professional translation services guarantee that your translated content is as clear and precise as the original. It eliminates the risks of mix-ups and misunderstandings due to rough translations, of lengthy email clarifications with clients in the pre-sales phase, and of refunds and complaints post-sales because the client expected — due to an imprecise, incorrect translation — a product unlike what you actually offer.

4. A Turnkey Professional Translation Service


When needed, a well-organized translation agency that works with a specialized pool of collaborators can manage your project full circle. It can also offers website analysis or publishing your translated content directly online. So you don’t have to worry about putting any of it in place.

5. Multilingual Translations of a Professional Agency


Chances are, Italy isn’t the only foreign market you’d like to tap into. Luckily, all it takes is one experienced translation agency to help you reach all your target markets in a direct and focused way. Obviously, your employee couldn’t possibly meet such a request. The full professional services offered by an agency include a network of mother-tongue professionals carefully matched to master your content in an almost unlimited number of languages, ensuring translations of the highest quality for all your foreign market needs.

So why risk disastrous consequences and incalculable losses just to save a handful of cash at the start of your business’s foreign market debut? Don’t underestimate the importance of a translation done well. Because that small sum you’ll think you’ve saved will vanish in a flash with the first communication snafus. Better to put your best foot forward than to add a potential stumbling block to an already uphill climb, don’t you think?

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